The Spanish Policy Agendas Project is aimed to contribute to the analysis of issue attention and policy dynamics from transition to democracy to present in Spain from an agenda setting perspective.

To do that, the Spanish project has developed several datasets:

  • Laws (1977-2008)
  • Executive speeches

(discurso de investidura y discurso de política general en torno al Estado de la Nación) (1982-2008)

  • Bills (Proyectos de Ley and Proposiciones de Ley) (1977-2008)
  • Oral questions (plenary meetings and in committes, 1977-2008)
  • Public opinion (1994-2008)

Further indicators are being currently elaborated. In particular, we are already coding:

  • Media(frontpages of three spanish newspapers from 1994:El Pais, La Vanguardia and El Mundo)
  • Constitutional court decisions from 1981 to 2008
  • Budget from 1977.
  • Laws (1980-2008) of Cataluña, Pais Vasco, Galicia, and Andalucía.

The Spanish policy agendas project is directed by Laura Chaqués Bonafont in collaboration with Anna Palau and Luz Muñoz.

From September 2008, Lluis Medir and Ferran Davesa became part of the research team thanks to the support given by the European Science Foundation (EUROCORES program) and the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (Spain) SEJ-2007-30760-E/SOCI.


For further information, please contact Laura Chaqués ([email protected]) o visit the web page: