The Italian Policy Agendas Project analyses issue attention and policy activities of Italian actors and institutions.

We developed datasets on budget, primary laws, party manifestoes, Prime Ministers’ investiture speeches; sentences of the Constitutional Court. We are currently coding other legislative activities (bills) and non-legislative activities (parliamentary questions, motions, resolutions). We plan to code the agendas of the media and public opinion.


  • Steering committee:

Enrico Borghetto is Post-doc researcher at CESNOVA, NOVA University of Lisbon
Marcello Carammia is Lecturer at the University of Malta
Federico Russo is Post-doc researcher at the University of Siena

  • Senior adviser:

Francesco Zucchini is associate Professor at the University of Milan

  • Researchers:

Linda Basile is PhD student at the University of Siena
Marco Michieli is PhD student at the University of Pavia
Francesco Visconti is PhD student at the University of Siena

For more information, visit our website ( or contact us at [email protected].