Sweden is a new addition to the Comparative Agendas Project as of January 2013. The Swedish policy agendas project seeks to develop systematic measures of the policy agenda and politics of the executive and legislative branches of government over time. At present, data that are collected, or that are currently being collected, include:

  • Party manifestos of parties in government 1985 - 2010
  • Decrees 1985 - 2010
  • Laws 1985 - 2010

With time we hope to expand the time series for these entries. Apart from these datasets, we will in the near future initiate collection of data on other parliamentary activities, including questions, motions, interpellations and so on.

Research unit: European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Nina Liljeqvist, Phd researcher, e: [email protected]
Caterina Froio, PhD researcher, e: [email protected]

Questions about project datasets and the policy agendas content coding schemes should be directed to Nina Liljeqvist and/or Caterina Froio.