Since 2005, the French Agendas Project has elaborated several indicators on French political institutions’ activism and issue attention.
Currently data is available for the following institutions:

  • Adopted bills (since 1978)
  • Weekly government statements (since 1974)
  • Government bill proposals (since 1974)
  • Presidential speeches (since 1958)
  • Constitutional Council decisions (since 1958)
  • Budget data (since 1820)
  • articles on the first page of Le Monde, the main reference newspaper for political information (since 1981)
  • the 8 PM news shows from the 2 major broadcasting networks, TF1 and France 2 (since 1986)

Several publications are under way and many more are to come. We will shortly list references here. Moreover, a specific website for the French project should be created before the end of the current year.

Research operations are currently directed by Emiliano Grossman in Paris and Sylvain Brouard in Bordeaux. For further information, please consult its webpage¬†or contact Emiliano Grossman at [email protected].